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Re: Car seat laws? What is your opinion.

Originally Posted by SunDancerAcres View Post
we live in a town of 2 000 people with very very few driving related accidents, and we rarely drive anywhere. most of the time we bike if we can however we can not carrying a 275 gallon water tank for our garden on the back of a bike. so in that instance for now we have to drive.
I grew up in a town of 290, Bowersville Ohio and seat belts/carseats were never optional. There are lots of deer, tractors, drunk rednecks, goofy teenagers etc. The road is dangerous. It gets icy, it's gravel, it's washed out, snowed out, whatever the combines leave all over the place that's so freaking slick. Some of my "best" oh-$hit moments were on country roads in a S-10 with something ridiculous like 275 gals of water, or 100 bales of hay. Which add another element of danger. I've jack-knifed many trailers

Thanks for the discussion. My spidey-sence tells me we're close to the line between discussion and name calling, I will be watching from here on.
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