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Re: Car seat laws? What is your opinion.

Originally Posted by SunDancerAcres View Post
Here s my question on just ignoring them ... do you not think that cuases stress on both the mother and the child and tells the child I really dont care that you are crying. I never ignore my child when he is crying I think it sends the wrong message to them.
I have had lots of screamers and I never once thought about not buckling them in. I would try to stay home so we didn't have to go in the car ,but if we had to go they would ride buckled. I am very concerned about my kids needs and always tend to them when they cry,BUT safety comes first when we travel. I do think a screaming baby causes stress on the baby and mother but it cause less stress on the mother than a dead baby because she wouldn't buckle her baby up. Seatbelts save lives that is all there is to it!
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