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Abdominal tear?

Hi Everyone!

I guess this is a question/vent post. I'm getting fed up and was wondering if anyone out there had a similar experience. I am 29 weeks along and so far everything has been really good except I have a spot on my belly that has been sore on and off for several weeks and now is becoming an issue. Its just above and to the left of my belly button. Its definitely muscle pain, not internal. At first I figured it was just stretching etc...but it has not gone away, it has gotten worse and I have to wear my support band most days. Sometimes it is so bad that its hard to stand up straight, bend over or lift anything heavier than a few pounds. I don't think its round ligament pain (that seems to be more internal and lower down than this), a hernia (no bulging luckily!) or diastasis recti. I'm so annoyed because I've had to stop running and doing yoga, walking is even uncomfortable most days and I really wanted to have an active pregnancy. I know that if it is any of these things, there is essentially nothing the Doc can do but my main question is will it affect delivery? Sorry for the rambling but thanks for any input!

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