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Re: How did you deal with colic & when did it go away?

Things that helped us:
Amber jewelry.
Sleep sitting up with baby on my chest (in a sling or moby wrap of course)
Wrap baby..almost like you're swaddling, but with the arms out, so that the blanket is wrapped snugglyg around baby's tummy and chest. The counter pressure makes them feel better.
Warm rag on the tummy, or a rice/corn sack on the tummy.

For us, it came on around 3 months old, and stayed until about 6 months old (that was with my oldest).

My second got by without it (thank goodness!)

And my third, it was more mild, and I firmly believe that it's because I bought him an anti-colic anklett/bracelent from Baltic Creations.

God bless!
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