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Re: Weaning from bottle HELP PLEASE

We are going through the same thing. My pedi is great, and said as long as she wasn't dragging the bottles around sucking on them all day, he didn't have a problem with her having them until 2.5 even, if she just drank the milk and put it aside and didn't go to bed with one. I don't want her to have one that long, though...She is 20 mos now. I EBF until 12 mos, then used a bottle to help her wean. Bad idea...she got very attatched to it and only associated milk coming from a bottle. We are making progress, though. I started only giving her a bottle at nap or before bed (we brush teeth after the bottle.) When she asks for milk at other times during the day I give it to her in a cup. She hasn't been too receptive to that, and sometimes throws it down--it's clear she wants the milk in the bottle, but she doesn't get it. When she wants it enough, she'll drink it from the cup. Our next task will be to move to the cup before naps and bed. We have a new baby coming in Aug., and I'd really like her to be done with bottles before then. You are definitely not alone!
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