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Re: S/O Did you discuss parenting w/partner before you married?

Nope we didn't discuss anything at all. would I in the future? Absolutely. Being older, or already having been married makes it a lot easier to see your mistakes or things you should have done and apply those things in the future. If I were ever in a serious relationship with someone else (hope not!) we would definitely talk about a lot of things before I thought of getting married or having children with that person. Probably because I have more experience now and know how not doing that can affect things in the future.

Dh and I got together a few months after I turned 16. 3 months after that we got an apartment together and I got pregnant not long after. When DS was 6 months old we got married. I'm a totally different person than I was then and so is DH. If we'd have talked about how things were going to be 12 years later we would have totally changed our minds by now because we've grown up LOL
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