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Re: SNS/Lact-Aid Mamas... Counting Ounces

First of all, congrats on being able to breastfeed your little one! I had supply issues and used a lactaid until my DD was 15 months (and kept nursing beyond that).

There are formulas, which I don't remember (sorry). But I think it varies by baby really. The way I got a general idea was to pump for a feed or for a few feeds and see how much I am producing - and then add in what the baby takes from the lactaid. Or, while you are pumping, just give baby a bottle of formula and see how many ounces he takes total - subtract what he usually takes from the lactaid and you have what he is getting from you. So if your baby drinks a 5 ounce bottle but you usually only give him 2 ounces per feed, he is likely getting 3 ounces from you.

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