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Re: S/O Did you discuss parenting w/partner before you married?

Dh and I didn't discuss ANYTHING. While we were dating, we agreed that marriage was bad (not like he and i staying together forever was bad, but marriage itself was bad)...and that neither of us ever wanted children. That was that. Roughly June of 2000. We married Dec 2001. Found ourselves 'accidentally' pregnant in Nov 2002. I say accidentally because it wasn't planned, but I was happy about it. Dh wasn't. I ended up having a missed miscarriage and then I was hell bent on having children. I wanted a baby so bad. point is that none of my pregnancies (5 of them) were planned. We always used contraception. I'm so thankful I have my 2 boys and dh is too...however....we've had a LOT of rough spots...and we're still not 100%...or even close to it at all. But even if we had discussed anything, I am NOT the same person I belief system regarding family and child-rearing did an about face when I found out I was pregnant. If something were to happen with dh and I....and we moved on and found other people....I can say, most assuredly, that I would discuss things before marriage....but even if dh and I had discussed things, we've changed so much that it wouldn't have mattered.

Boy was I long-winded.
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