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Re: How did you deal with colic & when did it go away?

Originally Posted by AniBee View Post
DS2 is 5 months old & cries a lot. He's just never content, even when he's not crying. We've been to his ped twice about this issue & she is great, but she can find nothing wrong with him. So I guess it's constituted "colic".

But I'm going out of my mind. Today has been especially bad & I've tried everything to console him & nothing is working. He cries in his swing, in his jumperoo, in my arms...everywhere. Everyone said his crying would get better by 3 months old, then by 4 months old, then by 5 months old...but it's persisted & I don't know how to cope.

Advice? Strategies?
Generally, I think there is no such thing as colic.

Either a child has reflux issues or is allergic to something that he/she is eating.

I am being somewhat facetious, but I think it is way too common to brush off real problems to colic just because your child is too young to challenge that diagnosis.

I had "colic" problems with both of my children and it turned out that they both inherited my milk protein allergy (and yes they have been fully diagnosed by GI docs).

If I had stopped at the point when my doc said colic we'd have had battle royale for months with our screaming children.

It is NOT natural for your child to cry endlessly or constantly throw up his/her food.

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