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Re: Anyone have a child who never comfort nurses?

I gave Braelynn a paci myself at a few days old...she wanted to e latched to me every second of the day! But at two months she found her thumb and never took a paci again. She only sucks her thumb to go to bed right now, and {knock on wood} hopefully it will stay that way.....BUT to answer your question...I think it may just be this age. Braelynn started doing that at about 6months, I would want to nurse her just because I wanted to, and she would push my chest away and turn her head the other way. I just follow her cues now. She's 7months old and only nurses when she wakes up in the AM, after lunch, before bed in the PM, and once or twice through the night. BUT if she gets scared she throws her face into my shirt and trys to pull it down to get to a nipple!!! (i wear lowcut shirts so I pull the neck down istead of lifting the shirt form the bottom) Soooo I consider that comfort nursing, it's jsut that she's getting older and doens't need as muchh or the same type of comfort as before.
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