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Re: SNS/Lact-Aid Mamas... Counting Ounces

I used a lactation aid for 4 months and then pumped for 3 more months. I had no idea how much I was producing until I pumped though.

Weigh-feed-weighs will tell you for an individual feeding, though. Very precise baby scales can be rented from hospitals and stores that rent breast pumps. Weigh the baby, then feed, then weigh again and the increase in weight (in grams) is equal to the baby's intake in mL. So if the baby gained 126g and took 90ml of formula, then you produced 36ml of milk.

ETA: If you try this, try not to become obsessive over it. I used to go to my local lactation clinic almost daily to do this. Sometimes I made 60ml, sometimes I made less than 10ml. It got pretty depressing (my issue was IGT, not induced lactation.)
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