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Re: Diminishing Milk Supply?

as your DD gets older, she will be getting less and less milk...its just the natural process. my personal belief is that it guides baby though weaning (this is just MY theory)...

im not saying that your DD is ready to wean, just to expect your milk supply to slowed dwindle down, you will always have milk, just not as much as you would produce for an infant. i wouldnt worry much, your DD will nurse as long as she feels she needs to, and a slow letodwn isnt going to stop her (as Im sure youve figured out lol) i would recommend giving her a snack before nursing, this way her immediate hunger is met, and she isnt sooo anxious for your let down. at this point, the mojority of your DD's nutrition should come from solids. (im not saying that bf'ing her isnt benefitting ehr, quite the contrary, but she should be eating mostly solids, and then supplementing with nursing sessions)...

hth mama!

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