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Re: Anyone have a child who never comfort nurses?

My dd is the SAME way. Now at 21 months she comfort nurses EVERY now and then but WAY more than she ever did as an infant. She too sucks on her fingers. She did with the paci in the begining but it always messed up our latch and we took it away. Then she never wanted it. It does make me sad that she won't nurse when she's upset or hurt but at the same time she's a very independent baby. I guess it really is all in their personalities.

I'd def. try to get her sucking more in the night and maybe during baths if that would be possible to hlep your supply. Also you could try pumping a few times a day. I started feeling like my supply was getting low but I think it was just regulating and I couldn't tell how much I had anymore, KWIM? Good luck!
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