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Re: If one more person says that BFing is sexual...

Originally Posted by Kriket View Post
For sure. NO ONE has rights to my breasts. Well, no other adults. My children have a right to eat, but DH want's to be grabby? Tough crap. BFing is hard work, nothing I hate more than pumping for 30 mins, nursing DS for a hour, rolling over to go to sleep and there is DH trying for a grab. Really? These are working boobs. When they are on vacation, or retired they will come out and play. Until then, too bad.
yup, this is hard for sure. But, think about our DH/SOs. We give them unlimited access (usually) and then after we have babies, it's no touchy, leave them alone for the next two years or so. That's no fun for the guys too. There has to be a happy medium, KWIM? Like I said in a previous post, many body parts are both sexual and non sexual, but that doesn't mean it's all or nothing. Breasts are sexual too as well as serving a nonsexual function. Believe me I get all touched out too, but......
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