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Re: Discipline?

Originally Posted by CutiePatootiesMama View Post
I'm NOT talking about or wanting to debate physical discipline. But. At what age did you start practicing discipline with your child? Teaching them no, teaching them how to work through emotions/frustration? I'm asking bc tonight I was trying to eat dinner and my (almost)8mo dd whined whenever I was not paying attn to her. It made me think that whenever she even whimpers I immediately jump to her aid. I can't do this forever and it won't teach her anything good. So I'm just looking for suggestions on when to start discipline and ...redirection if you will? Teaching your child to be independent and work through being upset on their own. How did you do it?I hope this makes sense!
I have an (almost) 8 month old daughter and we've just started a few little things now. For instance, we've introduced "no" into our vocabulary. I can see the wheels in her head turning when she does something and I pull her away and say, firmly, "no". I know she's too young to REALLY get it yet, but it's a start.

I also beleive with a couple of the pp's....while I don't believe it's easy or even commonplace to spoil a child as young as 8 months, I do believe that it can start to happen around this age. I don't think that children, even older babies, need to have 100% of mama's entertainment or hands-on attention at all times. If my daughter got to the point where she was expecting to be entertained at all times and fussed if she wasn't, I'd nip it in the bud ASAP. I don't think that kind of parenting teaches children anything "good". (Just IMO--- take this with an "I'm a first-time mother with only one 8-month old child so far"-sized grain of salt.)
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