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Re: Discipline?

I pretty much hold my 9 mo and entertain him all day. It's separation anxiety for him, so I know it will pass. He will eventually be independent & want nothing to do with me, lol. As for discipline, so far I have started saying "no, sir" or "no please" when he rolls on the changing table (dangerous & annoying), when he tries to get the dog's bones (trying to establish safe boundaries with the dogs), and if he's in danger. If he tries to reach for something that will burn him or something while in my arms I just say "ouch!! Hot!" and move him away. If he pulls my hair while nursing I say "ouch that hurts mommy, please stop" and hold his hand. I can see him willfully ignore me with some of these. I know it's willfully because he looks back at me first...heehee...reminds me of me. Anyway, I say no, shake my head, and then pick him up and redirect to something else. After 4 or 5 repeats he will usually listen when I say no to a specific thing.....for that day....then we start over the next day :-)
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