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As everyone here pretty much knows, the last few weeks of my life have been less than fun. Well, now i ma faced with alot. One of my kdis is really struggling with the death of her baby brother. She talks about it all the time and has started acting out a bit. i have no idea how to handle this. I am thinking of going into the peds office next week to talk and see what she says. this is my HN child, so that is no help either...
Well, I Go to agreat church where i have felt welcome from the day i moved into this area. now i feel like i have the plague. no one will talk to me after brok died, and i am sure they feel wierd or whatever. But that doenst help me at ALL!! i have a "friend" at church that is now like 3 months pregnant and she hasnt even told me yet.... And i was one tha took care of her after her tubal reversal.
So how this all relates to parenting. ( kinda an OT and parenting thread in one i guess)
I went out with someone at church for our monthly sisterly duties, and when i was droppping off my thsi one mama, she pretty much flat out told me I am a bad mom because i was young when i had my kids. She goes on to tell me she is a no nonsense mom who doenst take any trouble from her little girl. From the time she was born she decided if she wanted to cry herself to sleep or not, she tells me. and she says that she keeps everything orderly. She think i have such great "issues" with my kids because i was only 22 when i had samantha, and i just didnt know better. I didnt know that demand nursing was a bad thing, and that you should never put your babies in your bed. I also didnt know that i shouldnt have had another baby 13 months later. She says i cant keep anything under control becaseu i stared having kdis at 22 and she was 27 so she was much better at it.
nothing like sitting there with someone who is not supposed to judge me at all and she is doing nothing but. I so badly wanted to say, well, when you are a part time mom of one it is TOTALLY differnt from being a full time mom of 3 kids 5 and under, dealing with the death of a child, and trying ot move all at once. I guess she would handle it so much better...
She implied my children are misbehaved. They are soo not. For me they are little terrors most of the time. but i am guessing all the moms on the planet except this ONE has issues with their kids. But my kdis re very respectful, listen to others rules when in their houses, always help clean up. use kind words. share, and have respect for other ppls things. They behave very well in the store ( if it is before 3 pm for my HN child who goes into melt down after 3 LOL) and at church they walk with their arms folded. So in my opinoin they are good when it counts! then we get home and they break lose, but that is OK becasue they are KIDS.
What would posess anyone to flat out insult someone like that. I dont want to go back to curch at all. I overheard someone saying : "i told her to not use a mw and have a home birth, but she wouldnt listen" this was a lady who was telling me i would kill my baby if i did a home birth.Now she thinks she is right..
I walk down the hall and no one says hi, not even my bishop.

Sometimes i wonder if i am really screwing up my kids. I do try to be a good mom, but i will admit there are times i hide and ignore them to get a few minutes alone. I need to start reading more with my 5 yo. she is reading wuite a few words and i really want her reading books by the end of the summer.

Sorry this is a long post.... just venting. not expecting replies, just thanks if you read this far
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