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pitting edema with no other symptoms

My ankles started getting puffy a few weeks ago, and I know this is normal. But now they get super puffy by the end of the day and if I press on them it leaves an indentation. I guess it was almost 3 weeks ago that it was pretty mild, and i asked my doc about it and she said not to worry if the aren't any other symptoms (high BP, headaches, etc). My BP has been perfect, around 115/65. The pitting though is getting worse and it's making me nervous. My hands are a little tight feeling but they don't look like sausages or anything. I woke up this morning and my ankles are still a little puffy from last night. Should i ask fo a blood test or something? Would it be liver function that i need to check? I just worry that this is a precursor to pre-e which i had during my first PG. I want to stay on top of it and i can't just ignore the pitting.

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