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Re: JuneBirds 2010 April Chatter

I concur that march/april and just downer months.

Dh is working 6 days a week midnight to noon, sleeping all day, we never see him, the kids are turning into the children of satan and I'm going absolutely bonkers. They are CONSTANTLY screaming or crying and I just can't stand it anymore. I'm TIRED of being dirt poor, I'm TIRED of being just a housewife (WHICH I TOTALLY SUCK AT) and I"m TIRED of meaning absolutely nothing to anyone. DH is trying so hard, but what can he do when he is gone 14 - 16 hours a day because of work?

Jul I didn't gain anything with Henna until the last little bit and that was only like 8 lbs - so you could be pregnant and still get in shape

I'll BBL the screaming is getting to a deafening level.
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