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Re: SC Medicaid no longer covering routine circumcision!

Originally Posted by sourpatch_babe View Post
When we had The Kid we were going to get him circ'ed (I hadn't yet found DS and been enlightened about this, just thought it was what we were supposed to do) and I had pregnancy medicaid. When I was in the hospital after he was born and they asked if he was going to get circed and I said yes, they told me that it would be $250. My doctor clearly stated that medicaid does not cover it and even if I was going to get it done, I had to wait a few days as they only had one doctor in the hospital that did them and he was on vacation. This was in Fl in '05.

ETA: I was told that we had to pay for it up front if we wanted it. I thank God that we are cheapstakes and chose to keep the money in our pockets instead of chopping off his bits.

I just never did it cause we don't do it in out family. and I found it going against maternal instincts of protecting my baby.
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