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Re: JuneBirds 2010 April Chatter

I thought about our April thread needing to be started, just didn't get a chance to get on!
from last thread...
Originally Posted by bluedaisyma View Post
Elena, have you ever tried making veggie sushi? I bet it's pretty easy and then a quick snack for you and levi at home!
I usually just do plain chamomilla tablets. And now they took the hylands off the market bc of the belladonna which is asinine in my opinion. but I keep forgetting to do anything, lol.

So my friend who has chickens sold me some eggs- 6 1/2 doz on WEDNESDAY and we have already had eaten 3 doz I made egg salad and the 2 kids that are here, Hana and K have been eating scrambled eggs every day! It's Kailani's 1st time with eggs and he LOVED them. Hana has never had farm eggs and it's been a few yrs for the kids and the difference is huge! So, they are eating fresh, organic, free range eggs, beautiful orange yolks and all

Oh, let us know how the fair is! What are you going to wear Levi in?

I know everyone else's babies have been climbing the stairs and he really didn't try or notice til the past few days. And we have the ones he could fall through. But he likes the climb the 1st few (the ones that aren't open to the basement) and yell up there (he always thinks the boys are here somewhere)
DH has made sushi before, years ago. I should get him making us some veggie. :yum:
I think we still have hyland's here?
:yum: about the farm eggs, too!! Love fresh farm eggs!!

The fair was all right. Not as many things out to walk around and look at as there usually is - the economy being bad maybe - but the kids had fun, Levi loved the animals, and they got to see the 'superdogs'. I was feeling really horrid so Levi was in the stroller while we walked around, in my arms to see and pet some animals, and then I used Tamara's BH for the evening show when DH took everything out to the van.
Still the BH, btw. I'm waiting on our tax return to come and then I'm going to (finally!) pick one out and get my own... and send poor Tamara's back to her!

Levi has tried climbing the stairs a few times. He got up one or 2 in the basement and then fell down to the floor when he tried to climb back. He knows now that he will fall and so just yells when he gets up and wants down, lol. One time he made it all the way up the flight of stairs - I was right beside him for the most part, just in case, but I figured I might as well let him go.

From this one!
Originally Posted by VibrantBlue View Post
I have to take the kids to town today to grab some things for the dog and hopefully a new shirt or something for myself. The ones I wore most frequently are now full of holes and grease stains () from the washing machine.
I managed to find a few new shirts for myself at value village yesterday Good luck!

Originally Posted by bluedaisyma View Post
LOL I have no concept of time.
I am not any busier than usual, just wallowing in self-loathing right now. I. need. to. lose. weight. well, no eff? Then why am I TTC (as in we just did the OPKs and DTD all week). Now I am afraid I got pg and if I didn't I don't want to DTD anymore until I lose weight That is all
Jessica and Mer are right - there's no reason you can't stay healthy during a pregnancy and end up losing weight. No reason not to TTC!

Originally Posted by VibrantBlue View Post
I've been a big ball of pity the past few days (check out my accidental post yesterday in the March thread). I'm angry, resentful, lacking any sort of feel-goodness about myself and disappointed that I didn't do as well on an assignment as I was expecting. The assignment was good. This prof just doesn't like either me, or my writing style.
I saw that post. I'm sorry you're feeling down. I think kids have a skewed perspective at times and maybe this is a hard/down time for them? My kids have been much the same the past couple weeks. We need spring and they need to be able to get outside and ride bikes and whatnot. Unfortunately we woke up this morning to a blizzard.

Originally Posted by MeCo7707 View Post
Dh is working 6 days a week midnight to noon, sleeping all day, we never see him, the kids are turning into the children of satan and I'm going absolutely bonkers. They are CONSTANTLY screaming or crying and I just can't stand it anymore. I'm TIRED of being dirt poor, I'm TIRED of being just a housewife (WHICH I TOTALLY SUCK AT) and I"m TIRED of meaning absolutely nothing to anyone. DH is trying so hard, but what can he do when he is gone 14 - 16 hours a day because of work?
I can't imagine DH being away that much. Goodness.

Originally Posted by bluedaisyma View Post
<I actually came back in here to delete my pitiful post > gotta go, he is being a bit needy
More Jul. No worries about a pity post! Sometimes we all need them!

AFM: We have been so darn busy! Yeesh, I can't wait for school to be back in and everyone to have to go! We just had something to do every day for the whole break. Ah well. Yesterday was a total bust. We took Ruth to her bday party, that was fine. But when we got to town, all ready for taxes, they said (while laughing ) they were about 2hrs behind and would call us as soon as they were ready for our appt. It was supposed to be at 5:30. They called us at 7:10... when we were all ready on the way home because we had to pick her up.
DH and I ended up figuring it out and doing it ourselves online (which ended up saving us $100!). But I will be writing a complaint letter to them about it. They were so flippant about it, like it was no big deal for us to sit around and wait 2hrs past an appt time with 3 little kids - never mind that Ruthie wasn't even there.

Oh yeah, and there was a big snowstorm/blizzard last night and all morning. It's still right around freezing though, so the roads are starting to melt/clear now. I have no idea what's going to happen tomorrow for school - although DH has all ready called a sub for himself because our driveway has a few feet of snow it in that he'll have to clear out before we can get out! Oy!
Hopefully that's it for... spring?!
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