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Re: pitting edema with no other symptoms

I've had pre-e 3 times (well twice, and once HELLP) and all 3 times swelling were my warning sign. Granted some women just simply swell, but I never ever swelled with my other 3 and with the 3 I got sick with, it was BAD, pitting edema. I'd ask to have them keep an extra eye on you, as a pp said, it can get bad suddenly and without warning.

Can you have them do a 24 hour protein? That can catch the beginnings of pre-e before its detectable on a urine stick, as that test only checks for one type of protein, while the 24 hour protein checks for others. With my last one, we did that at 35ish weeks (since I'd had HELLP with my previous one, they were watching me closely) and I failed the test by 2 points. My urine stick tests never came back bad, until the day before I had her (and I was at +1 so not terrible) and we redid the 24 hour protein twice, I don't think it ever got worse-BUT I was put on strict bed rest because it really seemed to help me, personally. When I finally got that +1 on the stick, I had been allowed to do moderate activity again, since I was full term at that point. I think just that little bit of activity (ie, cleaning the dishes and stuff, lol) pushed me over. Also, my bp stayed pretty normal throughout. With my first pre-e baby, it was only bad after walking a mile from the bus stop, and even then, it was boarderline.

It sucks but I'd definitely ask for a protein check and make sure everything is staying ok. With my HELLP baby, I had had no protein, perfect BP, just the swelling-and then next thing I knew, I was having major upper gastric pain, was told I had +4 protein, insanely high BP, my liver and kidneys were failing, and my platelets were dropping. Basically I went in at 4am thinking I had gas and had a baby by 10am because I was crashing soooo fast. Its rare, but its serious, take care of yourself mama!
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