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Re: Feeling uhhhh weird i guess LOL

I just can't even belive that people are behaving like that. Like what you are going through and have gone through isn't enough. The age you choose to have your children has no refelct on your parenting. Everyone parents differently with different morals, values and beliefs that is what makes the world such an interesting place. I personally believe in parenting 24/7 but I am also a very orderly and kind of strict parent (blaming this on OCD). I feel my kids are pains sometimes but I am always complimented on how they act so I know I am doing a great job. Having a child at 22 is NOT a young mom in my eyes and you were an adult that could make your decisions and give your children all the love and attention they need. What business is it of hers if you feed on demand or co sleep? Is she at your home dealing with it? This just fustrates me to no end. I had my son when I was 16 and in the 10th grade, bet your booty I had some looks and under the breath comments but NEVER once did someone have the nerve to tell me I was too young to be a proper mother (I fed on demand, co slept and held my son ALL THE TIME). Did you say anything to her? I know I would've just gone off on her. While I am not an overly religious person I do know (at least at my church) that they are supposed to accept you for who you are and comfort you in your time of need. Making you feel like an outcast and a bad mother is just wrong. While I can't tell you what to do I know I would have a few things to say to a select few people and personally I would think about taking a break from that church if it continued. The last thing you need is to feel worse about being a parent and a person. I have first hand expierence that you are a very kind and generour person and there is no doubt in my mind that you are also a wonderul mother.
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