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Re: UCers, What about AFTER the birth??

To be honest, I think every pregnant woman should know the basics in case they accidently UC. You never know if the baby is just going to come too fast and will arrive either at home or in the car. Personally, if I were to accidently UC I would rather be in my home than a car. I think it's important to know the signs of distress in a newborn and to know the warning signs of a postpartum hemorrhage.

I support the right to UC (not like it's something that could be regulated anyhow), but in most societies birth has always been a woman thing, where you'd be surrounded by older, knowledgeable family members (grandmas, aunts, mom, etc) and possibly an experienced midwife. I don't know if I feel UC is entirely natural in that I don't think giving birth alone or with just DH is the human default. However, like I said...different women want different things. If my only options were hospital birth or UC, I'd probably get prenatal from a doctor and then have a "oops, baby came too fast, see you for my six week checkup" type deal.
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