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Re: How are you avoiding?

we use condoms during the fertile period, except every once in awhile when we don't feel like grabbing one in time, then dh just withdraws. and then charting and we use nothing during the infertile period. i've been wanting to do FAM for awhile now, but only just got up the courage last October. before then i was on the mini-pill after ds was born, and the regular pill for several years before i got pg (on purpose!). and i didn't realize how much the pill affected me until i got off of it. i feel so much better now! emotionally, and physically (in some very tmi ways that i won't get into). i will never ever go back! so far, 6 months, and i just got my period today, so we have another month of success! dh was skeptical at first, but more fascinated every month that went by that i didn't get pg lol.
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