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Re: How are you avoiding?

"officially" we use NFP and condoms... but really, it's pretty much a straight answer of condoms. I am SOOOO scared of getting pregnant right now and my cycles are out of whack. I'm terrified that I'd be one of those people who thought they were doing it right and then wound up with a baby. So we use condoms pretty much all the time. The only time we don't is when I KNOW I'm going to start my period in the next couple of days or have just started.

We're both opposed to hormonal birth controls and IUDs and such. We're not ready for any snippage yet because we *might* want another one a bit further in the future. I suffered big time PPD after DS was born so we needed to make sure that we didn't have any Irish twins here.

I think that soon, we will probably cut out the condoms except for the fertile times. We're getting more comfortable and the possibility of an oops is not as scary as it used to be. But I think it'll be a long time before we're TTCing again, if ever.
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