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Re: JuneBirds 2010 April Chatter

Mer - CONGRATS!!!!!
about the 2nd test and your shock - pretty sure it's right if there's 3 bfp's so far! I'm nervous about dtd lately because I keep worrying about getting pregnant. I can't wait to be pregnant again, but I want to enjoy Levi's little-ness for a while longer before that happens.

Jul - I'm hoping things go well for the visit. They're only going to be here 5 days total - fly in Wed, out on Mon - and DH and the kids have school/work on Thursday, so really only a couple days of everyone in the house together. We haven't seen them since summer 09 and things definitely didn't go well then - both between DH and my mom, and between my parents and the kids. My parents tended to only want Ruthie around, not the boys at all.
But, I'm staying hopeful that a short visit will be different for that - less time for them to get overwhelmed with all the kids. They use the excuse that they only had me, so they're not used to boys or more than one kid.
WTG K!!! I can't imagine walking just yet Levi's still just testing out balancing and standing alone, letting go of things once he's comfortable, and that's a-ok with me!
Not sure about shirts, but I've seen some cute ones in pics on extra fluffy - is that where you posted? Did you say spam ok?

AFM: I'm still so darn tired - like I haven't adjusted to the time change this time at all. Lots.
I got bloodwork done last week, thinking maybe it was because of my platelets lowering again or maybe my iron? But nope. Actually, my platelets are up at 127! I'm pleased with that number, even though the lab results mark it "low". What do they know, lol! And my iron is fine. So, nope, just exhausted.
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