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Re: Nursing Photo (CONTAINS NUDITY)

I think it's a combination of a TON of things that make that photo look more...wrong(?) than it could. First I think the lighting is kind of stark and not really what you think of when you would take a pic of a nursing mama (like softer light and kinda fuzzy, kwim?). I mean it's not bright in the room but the lighting and bedding seems sort of home-made "video" to me, not that I would know. Second is the spread eagle thing. Yes, I'm happy I can lay on my back and nurse at the same time but I don't like to show my crotch to the world - so I think people with that same viewpoint would find it overly revealing.
I agree with the others - that she looks detatched and her expression is what really started bothering me.
I went back and looked at it again. She just seems disinterested when I look at her face, kwim? Maybe that's it, LOL.

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