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Originally Posted by IsaacsMom2009 View Post
Situation 2: You bought something and now you want to leave feedback for the Seller.
This situation assumes that you need to leave feedback for whatever reason.

The first thing you should do is go to your iTrader page to see if the person left you feedback first. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. If you don't check your page, and just go around creating feedback willy-nilly, it defeats the point of the system's intended usage.

Check your iTrader page

If there is open feedback you will see a little yellow notebook paper icon next to the feedback they left you.

Click on that to leave feedback. This closes the feedback 'loop' for that transaction. Each person has received feedback for that transaction.

If there is no open feedback on your iTrader page from the Seller, go back to your PM's and follow Steps 1-4 above.
Bump again for good info! I didn't even know this step I quoted above...I've never done that. As a seller I tend to just go and leave feedback after I get a PM or a notice that the buyer has left feedback for me. Your info is a cool way to save a couple steps.
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