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Re: Can a Hospital force you to give a bottle?

My LC told me it is ILLEAGAL for someone to give your baby a bottle if you don't want them to do so and it is not medically necessary. So, I think that they have no right to tell her that she must bottle feed. With that said, when I had my dd almost a year ago my hospital told me four times before my dd latched on proprerly that I would need to bottle feed. They even brought in the SNS for me. This is my second baby to nurse and I nursed my son for 18 months until he self weaned. I didn't accept for a second that I needed to bottle feed; but can you imagine if I were a first time mom and I had medical professionals telling me over and over that I should bottle feed or my dd might not get the nutrition she needed? It is very hard these days to find nurses that are educated on breastfeeding (I'm not sure why that is?).
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