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Re: Feeling uhhhh weird i guess LOL

I don't really know what to say, but I couldn't not say anything....

First of all...I'm so very sorry that you had to listen to that....and i'm also so very sorry you're going through an impossibly difficult time...nothing anybody can say can make the pain and hurt go away...

SHAME ON HER for saying those cruel and completely off-base things. I was barely 22 when I had my first...and had my 2nd just shy of 19 months later. There are A LOT of women who have children A LOT earlier and a lot closer together. You are NOT a bad mother....and especially not because you had your kids early or close? 3 under 5 is not THAT big of a stretch. My grandmother had 5 children in 5 yrs....then she and my grandfather divorced and she was the sole caretaker/provider for her 5 children...and she converted her garage into a beauty parlor and worked full time from home..while caring for 5 children. If anything, this woman proved to you how much MORE of a woman you are..and how much of a better mom you are...because you've got SO much on your plate right now....and even if you're overwhelmed (don't know that you are, but i know i would be) are dealing. She's only got 1 child. My kids aren't even well behaved in public, but they certainly let loose at home - that's what they're SUPPOSED to do...they're kids! And to say that a homebirth would kill a baby....if that were true....none of us would even be here! Hospitals haven't been around forever! UGH!

Gosh, I don't even know if anything that I said made sense.....but I am just shocked and appalled at how you've been treated by your fellow CHURCH goers! Of all people, you'd think they'd be compassionate and considerate.

On top of everything...for you to have to deal with these disgusting people is just not right

I hope everything came out right....people just make me so mad Can't say anymore now as my youngest is spitting up...a lot....probably because I'm 24!
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