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Re: Feeling uhhhh weird i guess LOL

Thanks mamas!!!
You are all so kind. Why dont we al lmove to the same neigbornhood!!! LOL
I told hubby how i felt and about the comments i have recieved and the way i have been avoided and he said, maybe it is time to visit a new ward, "out of boundaries" Thing is i used to LOVE going to church, but now i just feel so every sunday, adn i think it is because i dont want to go. Dont get me wrong, there are a few very nice ppl at my church. just the bad ones seem to spoil the bunch for me.
As for me being to young< she asked me how old i was when i had my first, i told her 20 ( my twins) and she said wel, i means the one that counts..Umm i guessing she meant only living children count and not ones taht have reached perfection?? I have been able to tell for a long time she is just uncomfortable with my lifestyle. When i wasnt rushing to a hopsptail to have a D&C she was shocked. and it was like she would ask me how things were going, not really wanting to know, but wanting for me to get back to church and back to my calling. But when i would tell her, it almost seemed like minor eye rolling. Just annoying.. I was all signed up for clarinet lessons from her, but now i dont think so.
As for the age thing too... my sister was a bad kid( like me LOL) and she was going down teh completely wrong path. At 17 she had a baby adn i was scared for her. ( we were both 17 actaully) and i jsut thought, how hard and horrible for her daughter... welll, I was sure taught a lesson by her. I look up to her for hte way she parents. Her daughter changed everything about her. and she is a wonderful woman of God, homeschools her kids, ( who are brilliant) and just loves them in a way that is amazing, especially considering where she came from. Now when ppltalk about teenage moms, i am like, My sis was teeen mom and she is amazing!!! I really belie God gave my sis Amber, when she did, because Amber chenged her life.
Anyway, some ppl are stupid, and i know that. and i am so greatful for the mamas here and everythign you all have done for me. I just dont understand why ppl have to be so rude sometimes.....
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