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Re: JuneBirds 2010 April Chatter

I love FL but never lived there, Tam. If I moved there, I would move to Celebration, lol. My dad lives in Deerfield which is right next to Boca Raton which is really nice. I would live in Celebration just bc it's so pretty and next to WDW!

What carriers did you take/use the most there? I am really gonna sell my wrap or trade it for another SSC, I just have to decide which one. I saw some awesome ones on tbw (a b'roo, KP and kanga x) but I can't sell my wrap for enough.

Yeah, Mer, I think it is just too early....I always know when I am preg even before I get my period and then I play the "test all the time until it shows something" game!

AFK: he started saying "mam" the last few days and also "ma ma ma". But he also says "baa" so, who knows, lol. He has started going through cabinets, drawers and so dumping stuff out.

AFM: I have felt horrid the past few nights. Like dizzy, backache and soooooooooooooooo tired and nauseous. I am cranky and looking at the computer or TV makes me want to . My period isn't due for over a week, so who knows. Even this am, I felt ick, so I stayed home from church. Kailani and I stayed in bed for the most part and now my bed has cracker crumbs, cheese stick detritus and smoothie spills on it
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