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Re: JuneBirds 2010 April Chatter

Originally Posted by MeCo7707 View Post
I think you should test just for the excitement of it
LOL I already did (negative)! (I have a ton of the wondfo ones that came with OPK sticks...) but who knows how early those would show....i am on day like 22, I think, lol

Kailani has a fever! idk if I wrote about the other Fri? Thurs he slept from about 9pm-8 the next day (he DID wake to nurse, but didn't wake to play). Didn't think anything of it bc we have been super busy and I haven't been putting him to nap as much. Then Friday, he went down at 8 and slept til 11pm, woke for like 20 min and indicated he had to poo. He went and then I brought him back to the room and he kept acting like he had to go, like 5 times. That was when I had started feeling bad, so I finally just kept him nekky on the bed over a diap and held him while he cried and stared at me like, MY STOMACH HURTS, WOMAN! (it was like he was constipated and some watery stuff would come out ) and finally passed out on me and slept til 6, I think, NO WAKING. Again, busy days, maybe just a nap in the car. Last night, in the middle of the night, he felt HOT. but not fussy. This morning, not hot but sleepy. We have been up on the bed most of the day since I feel bad. He was fine with the boys before the went to church and in a good mood when we went to the store to give his dad the car. Played on the bed and sleeping again now (he started to feel hot, so I took his temp. it is 101.4 but then he clenched it out of his butt, lol). he's in a decent mood, so Idk what it is.

oh, a while back when we were talking about fevers and rashes? I just read that 10% of viruses have fever/rash combos.
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