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Re: JuneBirds 2010 April Chatter

So strange Jul. I have heard about the rash and fever thing. Viruses are so annoying because there isn't anything you can do for them except ride them out. At least with bacteria you can take abx!

SO I locked Cooper and Anthony in the car by accident I took P to her soccer game and told her to jump out since we were almost late. I got out, opened the door to get Cooper out and sat my phone and keys on the floorboard. His toy fell out and must have triggered the sliding door to shut....It was like in slow motion. I watched it close and thought oh surely it wont lock. Before I could grab the door handle I hear it lock! I kinda panicked. I asked one of the other moms to take me back to my house to grab my spare keys and her hubby stood by the car. I told Anthony that I would be right back but poor Cooper was screaming when I got back and so sweaty from the screaming. Today it is about 60 outside but in the car it had to be at least 70. Thank God that my spare keys were at home because I just recently took them out of my center console!

My nieghbor's husband died on friday. He had pancreatic cancer...he left behind 4 kids. An almost 2 yr old, twin 5 yr olds and a 7 yr old! I feel so bad for her. I want to take some meals to her but I found out he passed friday morning from their nanny. I asked her how her husband was doing at the bus stop and she told me. She asked me not to say anything until Kinda told me. I just feel like I should check on her but I don't want to get the nanny in trouble. Would you call or take meals over? I have no idea when i will see her again?
So sad!

Dh has duty tonight so it is just me and the kids!
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