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Re: Is there a WAHM forum for those who don't make things?

I was also WAH before I had my baby (born day after xmas). It's nice to find a thread of others who also WAH before and after baby!

I have a transcription company, although I don't do the transcription, I "crowdsource" it. So I spend my time improving my business, interacting with customers as well as workers, writing software, and who knows what else...

I've been work at home now since 2007 when finally the company made enough money I could quit my regular job.

It's been great with the baby so far -- I'm so glad I work at home so I can hang out with her. She's only 3.5 months old right now so I know it will all get harder with time. The biggest change for me is how I might have to stop working any minute (like when she wakes up from a nap). I've learned to keep good lists of what I'm working on, and I've also started using this tool called Toggl to keep track of my time so I have an idea of how much I am working.

I took off 6 weeks when she was first born, and have been working part time although in the last week I've upped my hours considerably. I basically work when Alice naps or sometimes while she plays in her little gym, although when she's up I usually try to play/interact with her. Before she was 3 months I worked A LOT while wearing her and sitting on an exercise ball at my desk! She was pretty fussy.

Anyways, looking forward to meeting other moms in similar situations. I live in a fairly small town and don't know too many other moms, and definitely not any other moms who WAH.
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