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Re: JuneBirds 2010 April Chatter

Originally Posted by tamarag View Post
Elena yeah, it was scary all right. He said that he got lost while with daddy 2 other times. Not sure how factual that is but oh well. He is safe now.

So I have put my foot down on the moving to NJ thing. We are still up in the air about our house. We have a loan mod thing in process so hopefully that will help. If not I am seriously wanting to move to Fl. I love it there. Not just for disney, but the weather, the people all seem SO happy! So we will see. I keep seeing really nice houses for rent for $1000 less than what we pay. Jul, what areas are nice in Fl? I was thinking St. Cloud, Lake Mary, Winter Park...all southern FL.
Oh, just so scary to think about! Now you're safe and sound at home
I think you're making the right decision, to not move. I think it would be a really big stressor on you guys and it doesn't sound like you need that.
I'd definitely love the warmth of Fl... although obviously that's not in the picture for us, lol.

Originally Posted by bluedaisyma View Post
What carriers did you take/use the most there? I am really gonna sell my wrap or trade it for another SSC, I just have to decide which one. I saw some awesome ones on tbw (a b'roo, KP and kanga x) but I can't sell my wrap for enough.

Yeah, Mer, I think it is just too early....I always know when I am preg even before I get my period and then I play the "test all the time until it shows something" game!

AFK: he started saying "mam" the last few days and also "ma ma ma". But he also says "baa" so, who knows, lol. He has started going through cabinets, drawers and so dumping stuff out.

AFM: I have felt horrid the past few nights. Like dizzy, backache and soooooooooooooooo tired and nauseous. I am cranky and looking at the computer or TV makes me want to . My period isn't due for over a week, so who knows. Even this am, I felt ick, so I stayed home from church. Kailani and I stayed in bed for the most part and now my bed has cracker crumbs, cheese stick detritus and smoothie spills on it
I've been thinking about selling my wombfruit wrap. I don't use it at all now, I just can't get a good tight wrap with it and Levi doesn't sit still... ever, lol. But I don't know that it would be worth it - I couldn't sell it for much, considering it was only like $40 new. And I think I would use it again with another wee one, I did love wrapping when Levi was itty. But then I wonder if I'd just end up using the BH with a newbie.
But I guess I shouldn't consider it a loss - only $40 and I did use it for the first 4-5 months with him. That's not too bad.

Are you saying you're pregnant?! I hope you are, Jul!!

all the new sounds and exploring! hope you get feeling better soon... or get a BFP!

Originally Posted by bluedaisyma View Post
Kailani has a fever! idk if I wrote about the other Fri? Thurs he slept from about 9pm-8 the next day (he DID wake to nurse, but didn't wake to play). Didn't think anything of it bc we have been super busy and I haven't been putting him to nap as much. Then Friday, he went down at 8 and slept til 11pm, woke for like 20 min and indicated he had to poo. He went and then I brought him back to the room and he kept acting like he had to go, like 5 times. That was when I had started feeling bad, so I finally just kept him nekky on the bed over a diap and held him while he cried and stared at me like, MY STOMACH HURTS, WOMAN! (it was like he was constipated and some watery stuff would come out ) and finally passed out on me and slept til 6, I think, NO WAKING. Again, busy days, maybe just a nap in the car. Last night, in the middle of the night, he felt HOT. but not fussy. This morning, not hot but sleepy. We have been up on the bed most of the day since I feel bad. He was fine with the boys before the went to church and in a good mood when we went to the store to give his dad the car. Played on the bed and sleeping again now (he started to feel hot, so I took his temp. it is 101.4 but then he clenched it out of his butt, lol). he's in a decent mood, so Idk what it is.
Poor K. Hope he's feeling back to normal tomorrow. Not worth a good night's sleep to have a sick baby.

Originally Posted by tamarag View Post
SO I locked Cooper and Anthony in the car by accident I took P to her soccer game and told her to jump out since we were almost late. I got out, opened the door to get Cooper out and sat my phone and keys on the floorboard. His toy fell out and must have triggered the sliding door to shut....It was like in slow motion. I watched it close and thought oh surely it wont lock. Before I could grab the door handle I hear it lock! I kinda panicked. I asked one of the other moms to take me back to my house to grab my spare keys and her hubby stood by the car. I told Anthony that I would be right back but poor Cooper was screaming when I got back and so sweaty from the screaming. Today it is about 60 outside but in the car it had to be at least 70. Thank God that my spare keys were at home because I just recently took them out of my center console!

My nieghbor's husband died on friday. He had pancreatic cancer...he left behind 4 kids. An almost 2 yr old, twin 5 yr olds and a 7 yr old! I feel so bad for her. I want to take some meals to her but I found out he passed friday morning from their nanny. I asked her how her husband was doing at the bus stop and she told me. She asked me not to say anything until Kinda told me. I just feel like I should check on her but I don't want to get the nanny in trouble. Would you call or take meals over? I have no idea when i will see her again?
Oh no Tamara! I'm glad you were able to get a ride to get the spare keys quickly and got the boys out. Phew! I locked my keys in the van ignition a couple months ago, but thankfully the boys were out with me.
That's so sad. I would take a meal and dessert over one afternoon, if it went over well maybe do it again a few days later. At least then it would be one less thing she'd have to worry about.

AFM: Levi started saying "up" this week. He will crawl to me, saying "mum-mum" over and over, I say "yes, Levi?", then he lifts his hands and says "up!" And today he said "kitty" twice.
His favorite things to get at in our cabinets are my glass mixing bowls - unfortunately he hit them together and broke one a few weeks ago. No more playing with those ones.
And his favorite thing of all to do is unrolling the toilet paper We've started trying to keep the bathroom door shut all the time because he watches for it open and is off like fire for it, lol!

Other than him being into everything, we've had a laid back weekend. I took Zech to a birthday party yesterday afternoon. I wasn't planning to stay, but the other parents were, so I did. I had nursed Levi right before I left, so it wasn't a big deal. He just napped with DH and then I was home.
This morning we weren't decided about church, but DH said he wasn't feeling great, so we chose to just stay home. We've had a pretty good day, all in all. We had to kick the older 2 outside this morning - just about recess time if they were in school, lol. Zech went for a bike ride around town, Ruth went out on the deck to read. DH and Isaac played with playmobil - actually played together, it was awesome. Then this afternoon DH started a dodgeball/tag game downstairs with the kids, running around giggling like fools. Levi was in the middle of it all, laughing and crawling in circles, lol. And I managed to get the kids' bedding changed (from "winter" sheets to lighter ones) and got the coat closet cleaned out (snowsuits, mitts, scarves out).

Oh, I almost forgot - Levi started blowing kisses today! Too cute!
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