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Re: JuneBirds 2010 April Chatter

idk yet, Elena. We actually tried last week when I was ovulating, but we shall see

How cute is Levi!! I love the "up" stuff!! And everything else he is doing! I swear this is one of my favorite ages

sounds awesome all the stuff with DH and the kids today, like he was really involved and not pissy about it, lol.

actually typing about all the stuff the babies are doing reminds me, I caught up on his baby book and the "writing down the stuff he does" the other day/ actually went to the old threads to remind myself.

tam, so scary about both things! kailani would have lost his mind.

speaking of that, I did something similar earlier. I am just not myself...tonite hana was making dinner and the other boys were busy with homework and I had to get oldest from work 2 mi away. I took K (I was gonna leave him) since no one was really available (and he has been finding and eating pennies lately). he was sooooooo quiet (since he wasn't feeling 100%) and my oldest and i were having a serious discussion (on the 5 min drive lol) and we got home and I locked the van and walked in the house. i immed looked for him bc the gate to the stairs was open and no one was paying attn so it dawned on me, i screamed the baby is in the car and raced the 25 ft to the car. he was just sitting there looking around. he ALWAYS says ah or hey when we pull up unless he is asleep in which case i know he's there bc he would have been screaming b4 he fell asleep.

nak so im out!
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