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Re: JuneBirds 2010 April Chatter

Tam - the one thing I like about my car is that it is such a hunk of junk no one wants it so I never lock it, I'm SO paranoid about locking my keys or kids in my car - when I was stateside and have a VW I would check at least three times to make sure I had Zaylee Ann and my keys before I would lock my door - which I would also check like 2 or 3 times. But being that paranoid is rather exhausting Poor Cooper! Hope he is alright!

Elena - Henna is ALL about the toliet paper too...drives me crazy. Levi is so cute learning all sorts of words. Henna doesn't talk much still but I figure she walked so early that words will be late. Glad you got the closets cleaned

Jul - day 22 is a bit early I suppose - I'm with Elena I hope you either get better or get a BFP!

AFM: My dad and sister are here. My mom is all jealous and crying - I think it's partly menopause causing mood swings. The girls love my sister and they are okay with my dad - they aren't all about him but they haven't screamed at him so that's a plus.

Henna is getting really good at pointing and shaking her head but her words just aren't happening right now.

I've gotten my first "you're having more, how awful" comments. I was at a party on Friday and one woman just would NOT let it go. She kept saying things like "you know you can prevent that sort of thing from happening right?" And she gave me crap about my weight because we were at a "naughty" party and they were talking about a pole for home use and someone asked the weight limit and the girl said 200 lbs and I said well that's deff not for me To which the woman looked at me and said well "you shouldn't be trying to gain so much weight that you would be 200 lbs!" I mean sure it's flattering that she thinks I look small enough to need to gain a substantial amount of weight to get to 200 lbs but the fact of the matter is I'm a size 12 at 197, which was a shocker to everyone there but still the woman deserved to have her face smacked.
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