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Re: how to make the choice to have another, when you know you can't SAHM?

My husband and I were on the fence about having a second until my son was about 4 and a half and I really started to feel the need, the desire, the urgency. Finally, my husband told me to decide as he remained on the fence... and almost at that moment, we got pregnant! I am a huge breastfeeding advocate and can see why you would hold so dear to that, but there is no telling how lactation will go this time. Each pregnancy is COMPLETELY different. Your body might respond very well to long term nursing the second go around. I'm pretty sure your work place has to provide you with a place to pump and the breaks to do it. If that is not currently available, speak to your HR dept.

I know this is a very difficult decision, but I can tell you my husband is very glad I made the final decision to have his baby girl. Life is about compromise. In the end, it's all good.
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