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Re: August 2009 Babies ~ Happy Birthday!!

LOL at our babies. Grace gives me so many false alarms (although she hasn't caught on to the naptime potty yet, shhh!) that I barely know when she's for real. Honestly, the only way I think I can tell lately is she gets this LOOK on her face that says, "Oh no, I NEED to use the potty!" and away we run.

But hey, she figured it out TWICE today and went on the potty this afternoon. A poop and a pee. Go Gracie! She can hold it for 3+ hours. She's super ready. Now we just need to master the communication aspect of it. And, perhaps, I need to get over the fact that this means less diapers. I think that's holding us back a little.

Sara, I hate that they didn't give you more answers today. The waiting game is terrible.
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