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Bummed out...advice?

I was sort of dabbling in selling cloth diapers/trainers. Basically I just sew for my kids right now but something didn't work for my son so I was selling it on here and another mama saw it, fell in love, and wanted me to make a whole bunch of girly ones for her daughter. I had several friends test them out first to make sure it would work out for most kids, and I got good feedback. I used the measurements this woman gave me and made some really cute hybrid trainers (3 shells, 6 snap in liners and 13 inserts). Now this woman says they don't fit right and she doesn't want them. Oh my gosh, I am so bummed and I don't know what to do. anytime this has happened when I was the customer, I never got a refund or was able to return the item. I just lost out on $100+ and was stuck with something that didn't work at all (it happened recently so I am still a little bitter LOL). So its slightly tempting to do that to this woman but I know thats not right and I'm not the kind of person to do that. But I really hate to lose out on the $20+ shipping (if I paid for her to ship them back, plus what I spent to ship them to her in the first place). And I have 3 boys--I have no use for girly trainers. I wasted a ton of fabric and time on these. I wonder if I could just re-make the 3 outer shell parts for her....seems like the best resolution. Or I could have her pay to send them back, refund her money minus shipping to her, and use the snap in liners and inserts for other things (I make hybrid diapers that use them, and I love them, only problem is these ones are pink LOL). What would you guys do if you were me? I'm just depressed. I had been thinking of opening my etsy store back up but this makes me think twice. (I had an etsy store for 2 years then shut it down almost a year ago because this sort of thing was happening too often and it was too stressful).
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