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Re: Cow milk vs Formula (dunno if this is in the right place)

Originally Posted by jls~Kain~Drake
So what's the deal on all the options after formula/breast milk?

Like, what's wrong with cows milk? How come goats milk is preferred? Can you buy goats milk @ the grocery store or do you have to go somewhere special (natural foods market or something?)? What's rice milk? Almond milk?

Also, do you think his projectile vomitting would be because of his age or do you suppose he'd be lactose intolerant?

I hope this post isn't taken the wrong way, because I really DON'T know anything about all of these.

I don't know where this boys stomach stands....LOL....i don't know what's the deal with him. I know he's got reflux...and he was on zantac many months ago and it seemed to help...then it seemed like it wasn't bothering him...then it seemed like it suddenly got worse...tried the zantac again (new 'script, not old meds) and he was spitting up a lot worse WITH the i discontinued them again..spitting up continued, but tapered off a little. He hadn't spit up in a couple of days and I gave him some milk today...of which he probably only had about 1 oz...and HOLY COW. And when i say spit up...I mean like vomit, except it's white chunky water...but it's A LOT. And it seems to go on forever. He cries a lot...but he's HN and I think some of it is personality..but I can't help but think he's got issues with something. 2 different peds tell me he's just manipulative..but I don't buy it.

I dunno....I'm thinking he could be gassy....what could I do to minimize gas in a 10mo old? Would those gas drops hurt if taken ona regular basis? Anything natural I can give him?

I dunno...just seems like there is SOMETHING wrong. Last night was a perfect example...he woke up kind of crying (typical), i got him and he laid his head on my shoulder (typical), i heard that refluxy noise and then he let out this blood curdling scream and was struggling for air...after a few minutes, he was asleep again on my shoulder.

Does zantac take awhile to work?

Okay...I went off on a wild tangent here..but...I dunno,I guess I'm venting...thanks for listening!

Okay, I just read your post and if I were you, I would take him off any milk products until you can figure this out with the help of a doctor. He may be allergic and really hurting. If he is allergic to milk he may also be allergic to certain formulas which could be part of his refulx problem. Even if he doesn't throw up after drinking them, he may be feeling sick because of it.
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