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Re: Cow milk vs Formula (dunno if this is in the right place)

Both of my boys were on Alimentum for milk allergies. I switched my oldest at 11 mos to Soy milk and then at 16 months to cow's milk. He has had all types of digestive problems. The biggest problem he has is super constipation. It seems to really act up when he has had a lot of diary. The ped was dragging her feet about it and just giving him a stool softener everytime he had a flare up. So, I did some reading. I found out that the number of babies and toddlers showing signs of milk protein allergies has dramatically increased in the last several years. I brought this info to my ped and he has since been diagnosed with a milk/soy-protein allergy.

I have decreased the amount of dairy he gets and when he gets it, it's organic. I get a lot of flack from certain members of my family but he is now pooing regularly and without meds!!!

I would do what feels best to you. If you don't want to stop giving him formula.....don't!! YOU are the one that spend all of the time with them not the peds and "experts". How do they know when is the best time to make major changes in your son's life?!! Sometimes we feel like our kids are loaned to us and we HAVE to follow all of the instructions we are given. But they are our children and we know what's best for them!!

Good luck!!
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