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Re: Cow milk vs Formula (dunno if this is in the right place)

to answer a few of your ?'s goats milk, rice milk, and almond milk can ALL be purchased at a regular grocery store or walmart for that matter. i was told at the WIC office that rice milk has no nutritional value but i don't believe that. anyhow goats milk is VERY good for you and baby, there's something much different and more pure about it...i personally don't know all the details but i do know it's much healthier.
it does sound like your poor ds does have either a allergy or intolerence. what kind of formula is he on though? my ds1 we had switched to soy formula before the nutramigen and he seemed fine for about a month and then it suddenly became obvious he had an allergy to that as well. so these things can just sneak up on ya! wic wasn't really any help through all of that. they convinced me to feed him yogurt telling me that just b/c he was allergic to milk didn't mean he couldn't have yogurt and that i should be giving him yogurt...wouldn't you know he projected that right back at me! wic refused to believe it though, although they gave me all kinds of hell about the nutramigen and everything else as well. i do know some offices are better than others b/c i did a couple years later have a wonderful wic tech at a great office that actually listened.
anyhow...yes stay away from dairy and if you feel the absolute need to change him try rice or goats milk...i personally would try rice first. but that's just based off my experience with my sensitive tummied ds1. he's not even a year though...i wouldn't rush his tummy.
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