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Re: Help me decide

I loved the headrest on the BH. I also loved it for front-carries, especially when DS was a little dude. We ran into some snags when I tried to switch him to a back carry, mostly because I couldn't get it tied right to take enough pressure off my upper back. I feel like we *almost* had it right if I could do a sort of chest clip tie, but then I was nearly out of strap to tie with.
I loved the patterns and the way it looked though. I think we would have got it with some tweaking, but it wasn't quite right for us. I have SSC and woven wraps (and ring slings) and to me, the mei tei combined the worst things about the wovens and the SSC. I mean, they also combined the good aspects as well, but it wasn't enough support for me to have all those straps dragging all over the place- I can get a more secure feeling carry with a woven, and a faster carry with my ergo, so that was the end of the BG for me.
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