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Re: Bummed out...advice?

I agree with previous posters! If you made them correctly to the measurements she provided, then I think you just need to use some tough love and tell her that you're sorry but you can't take them back as they were custom made for her child. (Also, this is a good time to create your refund/return policy ). Everyone wants to be nice and provide excellent customer service - which I wholeheartedly agree with - but at the same time you can't shoot yourself in the foot. This is a business. You did what you were asked and provided a good product. If she has buyer's remorse then that's too bad.

Now, if she wants to pay to have the trainers shipped back to you, maybe you can offer to re-work them a bit to make them fit better provided it's not too time consuming on your end (since time is money right?).

But unless there was a problem with your work, you shouldn't be out anything. That's just the way it goes.

Don't let it get you down mama!! I don't know of a WAHM yet that hasn't had this issue before.
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