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Re: Bummed out...advice?

She says they are too small in the waist and thigh, and too puffy in the crotch and bum. And the rise is too short. I used the measurements she gave me and i am sure that they fit those measurements so I suspect she measured her daughter wrong. I made several others in the exact size for some testers and they all said they fit really well (and those kids are the same size as this customer's daughter). I just don't understand how they could not fit! If anything I expected them to be big on her so I made several snap settings! I've even used them on my 3 year old and they fit him! I think I am going to have her send back part of them (the 3 outer shells that are too small) and she will keep the snap in liners and all the inserts. Those are pretty much OS. I will remake the shells and give those other shells to my friend whose daughter tested these for me and they were a good fit on her. I am having this customer pay for return shipping but it should only be $2 or so, they were very lightweight. I think thats fair, and the best solution for both of us.
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