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Re: Cow milk vs Formula

Goats milk is the closest animal milk to human milk - it's very healthy and easy on our digestive systems.

No, your 10mo is NOT manipulating you. What a dumb doctor! He's letting you know that something is wrong in his body. He's probably got a milk allergy. Also, milk is not some magic elixir - it's not that valuable a part of our diet. My first son never drank milk after he weaned (at about a year).. We found other ways of getting him the nutrients that he needed and did just fine. You can get rice milk fortified with the nutrients that are in milk (vit D, calcium, etc) and have the nutrition that's needed without the irritants that are harmful to the digestive tract.

We use cow's milk very sparingly in this house and are starting to substitute with rice milk as well. I'd eliminate dairy and get him back on his meds or get him some papaya extract (digestive enzymes) to help with the reflux. If he's eating plenty of foods you could switch him to goats milk or fortified rice milk (I'd avoid soy for the potential allergy and also for the fact that the more processed soy is, the less "good for you" it becomes).

Good luck. I hope you find what works for you soon!!
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