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Re: Please tell me why...

When I was a child I was EXTREMELY tender headed. I cried each and every day that my mom brushed my hair. I remember it hurting so bad even though she was gentle. To this day I am a bit tender headed. I always have to bite my lip when the hairdresser is brushing my hair to trim or do whatever.

Knowing this, my beautiful 3 year old is also tender headed. When she was younger she would cry when I tried to brush her hair until I figured out a way to brush it so that she isn't in pain. Every once in a while if there is a knot she'll cry when I am gently trying to brush it out. We also have a big bottle of detangler handy.

When I was little my mom figured out that if she braided my hair before bed that there would be a lot less knots in the morning and it would hurt me less to brush my hair. Maybe you could try this?
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